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[17 Dec 2006|07:47pm]
so uh... theres this girl named kel... and she's a total tard.

yeah i dont know if ive said this on here, but i have my lip peirced now.. actually its been peirced for quite a long time.. and i dont have my eyebrow peirced anymore.

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I wish i had more of a life.
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[28 Oct 2006|09:48am]

I have a massive burn wound on my hand.
because of andyy He decided it would be a cool idea to try and melt a dime;; with a lighter.
so he's sitting there holding it with tweezers so he wouldnt get burnt but the tweezers got hot && he threw it.. and it landed on my hand.. his finger is burnt all to hell too..
I'm gonna have a scar;; of a dime. wtf

I'm incredibly ill.

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My Stomach hurts. [06 Aug 2006|11:15am]

What do I say...
I have different hair?
Exciting I guess.

I'm being rejected now && I deserve it. It's my fault I never get online anymore. But its not cause I don't wanna talk to people. I still have eternal love for Nikki & Mike.. I miss the good ol' days. alot. ♥

Maaaybe she's just looking for someone to dance with

Myspace? www.myspace.com/thexxxkel
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[16 Apr 2006|05:20pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Kel has undying love for you guys. I would do anything for you and i never meant to lose touch. My comp messed up so i just deleted every thing including yahoo cause it wont work. l talk on aim on my phone cause i can't get yahoo on it. No body has aim. I really wanna talk to you but what can i do. Believe it or not i heart you guys and i want to talk to you. I love you guys no matter what and it hurts me what you don't believe me. It does matter to me that we lost touch and i was trying to change that but you think i don't care. Its obvious to me that mikey doesn't wanna talk cause you won't even text me. I'm sorry but unless you'd get on aim i can't talk i love you guys so much and i'm sorry

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[15 Apr 2006|04:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Yes, I am aware that the simplicity of my LJ leaves alot to be desired. Hm.Kirstyn calls me last night while shes talking to brian on her cell. It's leaving me in utter amazement how someone would crawl back to someone who treats them like trash.

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Its been too long [14 Apr 2006|05:05am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Twas brillig in the slithey toves. Did geyer and gimble in the wabe... Yeah, tis kell. i miss mikey and nikki. Kel had to get a new cell because the virgin mobile mafia is after me. The number is still the same as if you care 7402482414 i lost all of my numbers on my old phone, so mikey needs to text me so i can get the number again=[ in other nonexciting news i got my hair cut. && i am finally back from florida. Who am i fooling no one reads this old thing anymore.

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[12 Nov 2005|04:12pm]
Hello...I'm not Dead.

My hair is now red. I know, gasp

Brace Yourself...I think its time to post a picture. haha.

I colored on it cause I have no Life.

and heres another thats all inverted cause I get bored.

Please inform me when you're done tearing out your eyes.

I should really really change my layout on here cause Liquid6teen is no more. Aaron left, to supposedly form a christian rock band. That surprised me, it doesnt seem like him. I havent gotten to talk to him lately so i dunno...

I have a stalker that calls me like everyday.

I really need a life.

I love you x3
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[02 Oct 2005|05:45pm]
Mcdonalds coffee is hell.

I walked up to some kid and told him he should be my new best freind just out of pure boredom. I didnt expect it but now this dude talks to me all the time.
Wow. making that freind was easy.
Yes, thats right, kel has a freind.

Masking sadness with stupidity is fun.
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bleeh jolt gum is nasty [05 Sep 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | sd.kjg adkjhg ]

And as the walls come down and
As I look in your eyes
My fear begins to fade
Recalling all of the times
I have died
And will die.
It’s all right.
I don’t mind.

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[20 Aug 2005|03:07pm]
[ mood | Rawr ]

Dearest LJ...

Nasal Passage

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[15 Aug 2005|08:10pm]
The song Bother by Stone Sour is a good song.

It Describes how I feel.

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[12 Aug 2005|07:20pm]
Wow... I forgot to say... i am SO a Coldwater Creek Employee... And its official... I even have a name tag.. haha. AND!!! I helped my first customer today. So I actually have a reason to wake up now.

But coldwater creek still doesnt beat Hot Topic. Hot topic had the funniest people to work with. no one ever got all uptight and all "WELL I NEVER!" *tear* but those days are over, and I miss them so.

System of a down is coming to columbus. Oh yes, that will be $43 well spent. I wanna see the rolling stones. $400, but all sold out for ohio... I should've saved up the money, and sent the parentals. They would've enjoyed it. They deserve something nice. Hahaha, After dragging them to all those local shows when I was like 10 and 11... But i was WAY suprised the mum wanted to go to Mad Cow. She kind of drug dad along.. hahah but I know he had a good time, or else he would have been way bitter, and he wouldn't have stayed until 2:30 in the morn. haha. Guess the music rubbed off on them so they actually enjoyed themselves haha.

Well I'm rambling on about shows and shit so i better be going. Haha I have no idea why I even still write in this i mean seriously I can count one person who reads this and that person probably doesnt even care so BWAHAHA off with my head. I actually have no idea where that last thing came from.
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[08 Aug 2005|07:12pm]
I went to the Mad Cow Bash, Its like a big party with the biggest local bands of central ohio i guess. It was very good. My mom decided she wanted to go... I have no idea why. But she really likes noise auction.

courtney and I were there alone until the middle of noise auction... when veronica and Kirstyn came. I havent seen any of them in a very long time, and i probably wont see them for a while. I dont like being at concerts by myself.

Silent surface = awesome show. Wow and the drummer in silent surface... I went to school with him. Brock... I didnt even know he was in a band. wow Something good actually came of Madison Plains

Then pitch black came on... wow wow wow They were the heaviest band there and they had a blow up doll that they threw in the crowd and everyone tore apart haha

Okay the band Noise Auction puts on an awesome show... So I tell my mum if i'm gonna buy the cd, soshe goes over there with me and she starts talking to the singer, tom, and then she left, and Courtney, Veronica, Kirstyn and I were talking to him, and he turned to me and was like "dude, your mom is awesome!" and then she bought courtney and Kirstyn a cd from Noise Auction, and he's like "okay, go get your mom she needs a kiss" hahahaha He kissed her forhead haha. Then we bought another cd from them and we asked him to sign it and he's like "sure! Who's this to?" and I was just being a dumbass and i said "my mom" and he's like "'Dear mom, Your daughter's hott!' hahaha she'd come find me and kick my ass!" haha i got called hott... Well we hung out with him and he was a very nice guy

Then 9GT came on. They were reaaaaaaaally good but i felt like i was gonna like die when they were on so I just left in the middle of them. haha my head was killing me cause we were headbanging and jumping and screaming... alot

Then Volume Dealer came on and I know the bass player so i was like "bass player dude! bass player dude!!" and he walks over there and was like "bass player dude?" and i'm like "YEAH! Remember me? I was at the last liquid6teen concert of 2004 and i was like the loudest screamer..." and he's like "*thinks* oh yeah!!! you had different hair!" then we saw him after they played and hugged him and he was talking to me and kirstyn and he's like "girls thanks for coming out and screaming your asses off tonight!" haha we hung out with him for a while

hahah very very fun. Then liquid6teen... holyfuckingshit <3333

Kirstyn and I were like the loudest screamers. and we were jumping and moshing haha it was so funny. Then.. Aaron like put the microphone in me and kirstyns face and let us scream into the mic for like 2 minutes haha. Then we were hanging out with them after the show. I still think bloomy should have sang with them for potential though :( whoa, and people were getting into fights in the mosh pit and john (guitar) was pissed and he was like "THIS ISNT FOR FUCKING FIGHTING! HAVE YOURSELF SOME BEERS AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! IF YOU GUYS GET IN ANOTHER FIGHT I'M GONNA GO DOWN THERE AND SPIT IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!!!!!!!!THESE PEOPLE WANT TO ENJOY THE MUSIC!" well after they played, we were hanging out with aaron (singer)and john (guitar) and clay (bass).

It was very very fun. we were up front the whole time haha

We didnt get home till like 3 haha

It was a very good show.

Okay I might as well stop writing in here.
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rawrr [24 Jul 2005|11:35am]
[ mood | eh ]

vince fell off of a ladder on thursday.. i think it was thursday. I was there cause he asked me to help him replace some metal stuff at the top of it where the roof ended i cant explain where it was.. eh. I was on a really wobbly ladder and then i got down because i really did not want to fall. and then he got on that ladder and told me to get on the other one for some reason and he was nailing the metal crap in and the ladder slipped and he fell on concrete. 2nd person to break something on their arm while being with me in 2 weeks. first makayla now Vince. Nice.

Vince shattered his wrist and stuff and his ankle ish sprained and he has a big injury on his head..
When it happened some lady saw it happen and drove up like 5 seconds after and called the ambulance people. And then they life flighted him. and richard drove meh up to where they were life flighting him from and i was in the car when the thing landed and like 5000000000 little rocks flew in the car and i told richard that and he was like "atleast it wasnt 500000000 big rocks. " :|

and he kept calling me cause i was babysitting the kids and he was like "i'm sorry cause i never should have had you out there on a ladder, and I'm glad it wasnt you, you could have died."

I wish i would have fallen. Sounds way fun.

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[30 Jun 2005|11:20am]
I hate my sister's computer. A freind sent me a song by Mr. Bungle.. and I cant find it, It's gone. Poo. Oh well, she left a while ago to drive to Chillicothe to get something from some place because she's getting that cable internet.. yay I can download music finally.

Anyways... I ran into a truck the day before yesterday. I had a trash bag over my head just being randomley retarded. and I gave my mom a hug cause the trashbag was wet and then i turned and started pretending i could fly and i ran straight into the truck.

Ive gotta leave in like 5 minutes to go get makayla from summer school. But I'll be back.
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[22 Jun 2005|06:37pm]
I'M BAAACK! even though no one missed me Its okay, Pretend dammit.

Pennsylvania was cool. Alot happened that week. I really dont want to write it all out and explain it all but oh well. Umm.. the people who were there were Danica, Danica's cousin andrea, Andrea's boyfreind Chris, and Uncle johnny.

Johnny shot a fox... and at some racoons... and when we went deer spotting, he got out and tried to catch a babyracoon it was so funny it looked so angry like it was going to attack... I jumped off a bridge... and i jumped off the bridge in the pitch black with andrea and Chris. Danica was afraid. and Johnny had left that day. first time we jumped people from some college dudes helped us. the one dude was weird and had a cowboy hat on and had funny teeth and was drunk.. it was just danica and I jumping cause andrea chris and johnny werent there yet. second time we jumped Danica stood up there for more than an hour. johnny finally pushed her in. she did not jump in the dark.

danica and I made a documentary about these big GINORMOUS moths! I mean they were huge, they looked like bats when they were flying only they were colorful. They were retarded and kept running into stuff lol. I touched it on the video and it flew after us and we ran screaming it was funny. lol

DUDE the June Bugs there are huge. They're like 20 times bigger than they are in ohio. I hate them.

and danica and i found this coloring game book thing and it was called fun book and we burned every single page one by one... because we're just that anti-fun.

Bunch of other stuff. LAZY ME!!!

WARPED TOUR!!! Right now I only have 2 pics because we took pics on danica's phone and she cant send me any more pics until July. We were right up front the whole concert. we fought our way to the front. It actually wasnt that hard.

We got autographs! Atreyu :) well, except guitar player dan. he wasnt there. I got hugs too! from Marc (bass) and Brandon (drums/vocals)

And when atreyu was performing, Marc jumped into the crowd, and we were up front so i like dove over a bunch of people and grabbed him and then later i saw him and we hung out with him for a while at the some tent thing. He's a pretty cool guy.

MCR was good...

i have 2 pics, more soon tho.

http://tinypic.com/68780x.jpg Gerard
http://tinypic.com/68785c.jpg Mikey and Ray

Whoo, Franks makeup was rad.

Umm.. The bands we heard were MCR, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, Strung out, The starting line, Underoath, Hit the lights(I think) The Transplants, AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! the dropkick murphys, the offspring Kill what I Adore (they were for the battle of the bands, and they were gooood)

we went crowd surfing lol.
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boredness... [27 May 2005|09:43pm]
Hansel: You can dere-lick my balls...
Derek: I can Dere-lick My OWN balls thank you... You think you're too cool for school, but i've got a news flash for you walter cronkite.... you arent..

HAHAHA i love this movie.

I have to go.
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[14 Apr 2005|08:56pm]
I went to Indiana a few days ago... Makayla Jared and a few of my little cousins were flying a kite... it got caught in the tree. so my cousin Megan and I had to climb the tree and save the kite from the trees mutant toy eating foliage.

i'm sick..

I dont write here much anymore..
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Lalalalalalalala [25 Mar 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | weird ]

finally out of school for 11 days. whoo hoo! i'm bored. I have nothing to write. I havent posted in a long time. Pennies don't smell good.

The song Germs by weird Al really sounds like Terrible Lie by Nine Inch Nails ...but... it's not supposed to be a parody...

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please don't hate me... [07 Mar 2005|09:00pm]
I'm sorry if you hate me for this, but I just can't hide this Its too hard and... I dont know what else to do. Nikki and Mikey arent online, and i dont have much time to wait on here today so... here goes.

Wow... I don’t even know where to start, so I'm just going to say it. I was in the Emergency room this morning because I was cutting, and I lost too much blood and passed out. I don't know what’s wrong with me anymore. I still cant sleep, I cant thnk straight, and... I just give up. I did it at like 1 am... My mom is REALLY trying to convince me to see a psychiatrist again. They don't help. People have suggested putting me on meds before, but I don't think my mum would. Even if she did, do you really think I would take them? Oh yeah, that’s what I want, chemical dependency to mask my problems. I don't care what it comes down to; I'm not taking drugs to make my problems go away. They cause too many problems. I mean, sure you can say the same about cutting but... yeah..
Rachael and Matt are saying kel needs help, but kel doesnt want to see a psychiatrist. Kel doesnt want to take meds... psychiatrists just dont help, and I'm not taking meds. So tell me, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Again I am sorry... I love Nikki and Mikey and they are too good to even be my freinds...
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